Remix is an initiative to change the future of waste and recycling in Tirana.

Remix at Sheshi Strauss

Why Tirana?

Tirana is home to a vast informal recycling network, which benefits from collecting and reselling metals, plastics, and papers discarded by the city.  The efforts of informal collectors are hampered by the reluctance of the local population to adopt “source separation” practices (sorting different types of waste and recyclables into separate bins at homes and offices).

Why Now?

The city is still years away from developing a formal waste recycling infrastructure.  By enabling the current communities to be more pro-active, efficient, and sanitary in the collection, sorting, and recycling of waste, the city will not need to wait for the benefits that this infrastructure will provide.

How does it work?

Remix proposes the installation of easily-identified, brightly colored screens at select municipal waste bins to aid in the consolidation of recyclable material.  Holes are cut in the screen in the shape of common recyclable materials, encouraging the public to recognize and sort recyclable materials.  The system is designed to be ‘low-impact’, augmenting – but not impeding – current household, informal, and municipal practices.

How can you help?
Follow the Synurbia blog at the link below to stay updated on events and installations in your area, or contact us to contribute your expertise.

Read more about the project on the Synurbia blog.