Remix | Installation

Synurbia has installed Remix at sites throughout Tirana.

Have you seen Remix in your neighborhood?  The test installations focused on sites with an intimate scale and high visibility.  Click on an image below to view a slideshow of the installations, and stay tuned to our interactive map to find installation sites near you.

Let us know where Remix should travel next – Leave a comment in the comment box below!


One response to “Remix | Installation

  1. Love the idea 🙂 – I am pretty sure a long list of informal recyclers will be happy yet clueless as to whom to thank in the coming weeks. It would be awesome (although highly difficult to implement) to push the concept further. Ex. Have plastic bags attached to the REMIX panel, and some sort of honor-bag-replacement-system-post-collection between the informal recyclers :D. Does the application of the panel hinder garbage collection from trucks? Or is it installed on the opposite end of the bins that trucks would normally use?

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