Remix | Design

Synurbia has completed the design of Remix, an installation for the city of Tirana.

Recognizing the reluctance of citizens throughout Tirana to adopt source-separation (separating trash from recyclables before placing in separate bins), and the difficulty in modifying the municipal collection services before traditional recycling processes can begin, the prototype seeks to improve the current system and engage the public in a type of urban game.

The brightly painted custom metal screen will be installed on one side of the municipal bin, and feature readily-recognizable silhouettes of common can and bottle sizes, engaging the public  in a type of sorting game.  The recyclables, as they pass through the screen, will collect to one side of the bin, making informal sorting easier for the collectors, while not impeding municipal services or the normal use of the bins.  As the public and the collectors become more accustomed to this ‘low-impact’ sorting, the efficiency and reach of  the system can improve, easing the transition into source-separation and formal recycling structures.


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